Crate Digging

People have been asking me for a while to do an Amnesia throwback mix. While digging through the crates I found so many vinyl gems I used to play there back in the day. So I started off dropping some house tunes and what followed was the 3 1/2 hour session below. Call it a tribute mix, if you will, and a trip down memory lane celebrating some of the great 90’s tunes my Amnesia regulars used to love. Well folks, here it is. Enjoy the mix.

Amnesia 90's Tribute Mix


Techno Classics

I’ve reissued my classic Rave Tribute Mix containing 2 1/2 hours of the best 90’s Techno classics.  So much great stuff in here it’s crazy.  Bust out the glow sticks!

Rave Mix Cover

Club Night !

Get ready to sing along to 30 of the hottest commercial dance tunes and remixes of 2015. The annual Club Night series are some of my most popular mixes and a must have for your collection.  Check it out below and as always, thanks for all the love and support.

Club Night Album Art_2015

Pack your bags

It’s time for a mental road trip with a smooth and melodic trance mix. Pulling together some inspirational and well produced tracks I’ve enjoyed over the past few years, this one’s sure to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Pack your bags and enjoy the journey!

Elevation Album Art

Class In Sessions Chapter 20

A bit of a milestone here as my Class In Sessions Series has hit its 20th release!  Thanks so much for all of the support for the series that began back in 2006. Chapter 20 is sure not to disappoint and I’ve expanded the track selection for this special release to cover multiple genres. Enjoy the mix!

Class In Sessions Album Art Chapter 20

Class In Sessions Chapter 18

A huge thanks to everyone for the amazing support throughout the year.  I’m truly humbled and appreciative of all the kind words on my DJ mixes.  From the custom mashups, big room bangers, vocal club mixes, crazy dubstep, and house grooves, I’ve done my best to give everyone something unique with lots of variety.  Chapter 18 of my Class In Sessions Series is now available!

Class In Sessions Album Art

Double Header!

It’s double header time with two massive new mixes! … The first set is a full on main stage banger and the second is a real nice house mix with tons of groove.

DoubleHeader Album Art_Main Stage

DoubleHeader Album Art_House Grooves

The Dubstep Sessions Return!

Time to hit you up with some serious sub bass and nasty electronic filth.  The long awaited return of the Dubstep Sessions has arrived and Chapter 7 is no slouch.  Inspired by some of my favorite tracks from this years EZOO, I hope you enjoy the mix!

Dubstep Chapter 7 Album Art_V2